Cristiana Alves

Brief info

I graduated in Biology (2012) and concluded my Master degree in Ecology, Environment and Territory (2014), in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Porto.
Since 2012, I have been engaged in research activities, within the Predicting and Managing Ecological Change (ECOCHANGE) group at CIBIO-InBIO/BIOPOLIS. After my Master’s degree, I have been working on scientific projects as a research fellow, having published five peer-reviewed articles within the fields of Ecology and the Environmental Sciences, as well as contributed to several project reports and activities.
I have been developing skills in both Geographical Information Systems and statistical data analysis and modeling with ecological and environmental data. Furthermore, I have experience in collecting in situ data, through fieldwork, including for evaluating fire/burn severity through protocols such as GeoCBI.
In the last few years, I have also been working on science communication and dissemination, in collaboration with Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Centres.
Finally, I am finishing my Ph.D., within which I am developing ecological/environmental research related to species co-occurrences and interactions, species distribution models, ecological community-level changes, climate and land-use changes, and nature conservation and management.

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