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The Burn Severity Mapper (BSM) is a Google Earth Engine (GEE)-based app developed by SeverusPT. The Burn Severity Mapper app intends to facilitate the creation of burn severity maps based on optical satellite data such as Sentinel-2 or Landsat-8.

The BSM accelerates the processes and hides the complexities involved in selecting, subsetting, downloading, (pre-)processing, masking, mosaicking and calculating all the necessary spectral indices and severity burn indicators from satellite image time series (SITS).

The app is optimized for mainland Portugal, for which dedicated burned area datasets are available from European (EFFIS) and national (ICNF) sources; however, the BSM app can be used to map burned areas and extract severity data anywhere in the world.

To access the Burn Severity Mapper app follow this link.

The Tutorial & Guidelines for using this app are found here.


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